Our Guarantee

Our number one goal is for you to be successful with your plant purchase. With proper care, we know that our plants will do well. However, difficult winters and adverse weather conditions can take their toll on your plants.  Our warranty should get you well on your way to long term success with your landscaping.

Our Guarantee

Nursery stock purchased from the Redwood Falls Nursery is guaranteed to grow for 12 months from your date of purchase. Plants which fail to grow will be replaced free of charge provided they have been given proper care, and in the absence of other agreement, the account is paid in full. Requests for replacements must be accompanied by a sales slip. Under no circumstances can the Redwood Falls Nursery, Inc., be held liable for more than the purchase price of the affected plants.

Our guarantee does not apply to hybrid tea and floribunda roses, annuals, or any plants which our staff have noted as not guaranteed, such as peaches.

Our guarantee does not cover animal damage, weather damage such as hail or ice breakage, or improper care.

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