White Hydrangea

New Hydrangea Varieties

We are stocking two new hydrangea varieties that we are very excited about. They are related to varieties like Annabelle with their rounded blooms and growth habit. However, they stay less than 3-feet tall, rebloom and shouldn’t lay down in heavy rains. The two varieties are Mini Mauvette and Wee White. Stop in for details …

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Fruits for Minnesota

We stock a wide range of fruit trees and small fruit plants at our nursery. Apple varieties we stock are Fireside, Haralson, Honeycrisp, Honeygold, Red Regent, State Fair, Wealthy and Zestar. Pear varieties are Luscious and Summercrisp Plum varieties are Alderman and Toka We also stock two apricot varieties, a cherry variety called Northstar and …

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